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demonstrators demanding stronger rent lawsUNIVERSAL RENT CONTROL 2019


Every tenant in New York, no matter where they live, deserves the same basic protections. Learn more...

Northern Manhattan is Not for Sale/Alto Manhattan No Se Vente

The City of New York wants to Rezone Inwood. Rezoning regulates what can be built and what rules apply to the buildings in your community. This gives landlords incentive to force tenants out, and risks mass displacement of current residents.

The Community Needs To Know What You Think. Discuss important questions like how we can preserve affordable housing and keep existing rent affordable. We want you to know about therezoning proposal for East of Broadway and share your concerns & ideas. Contact Johanna for more information

Rent Justice

Our fight against the Rent Guidelines Board helps protect the rents, homes, and lives of over 2 million New Yorkers living in an estimated 1 million rent- stabilized apartments. We fight to pass more equitable and pro-tenant rent adjustments. Learn more... 


French - Rent Justice 



Building and Tenant Organizing

If you think that your building really needs a tenant association, it's probably because you have problems that you can't get corrected by yourself no matter how hard you try. It is almost certain that other tenants in the building feel the same way—and some of them will be more than willing to start working together with you. When tenants work together, they can apply more pressure to make a landlord provide services, make repairs, and stop harassment—and get the best possible home for the rent they're paying. A strong tenant association can force a landlord to listen; as a group, the tenants can have more leverage to negotiate, file complaints with the city and state agencies that oversee housing, get help from elected officials, go to court, or—if push comes to shove—call a rent strike. Learn more...

Asociación de inquilinos

Si usted piensa que su edificio realmente necesita una asociación de inquilinos, probablemente es porque hay problemas que usted no puede resolver por sí mismo por más que lo intente. Seguramente otros inquilinos en el edificio piensen lo mismo que usted y que algunos de ellos estén más que dispuestos a trabajar en grupo. Una asociación de inquilinos es una grupo de todos o la mayoría de los inquilinos de un edificio. Cuando los inquilinos se organizan, pueden ejercer más presión para que el propietario mantenga servicios, haga reparaciones o deje de acosar a alguien; de esa manera se pueden lograr las mejores condiciones de vivienda posible por el alquiler que están pagando. Una asociación fuerte de inquilinos puede obligar a un propietario a escuchar; como grupo, los inquilinos pueden tener más influencia para negociar, presentar quejas ante las autoridades supervisoras de vivienda de la ciudad y de las agencias estatales, obtener apoyo de los funcionarios electos, acudir a los tribunales y si es necesario, convocar una huelga de alquiler. Aprende más ...

Stand For Tenant Safety Campaign

Campaña por la Seguridad Inquilina



A coalition we are part of  that is fighting to secure safe housing for all tenants!Tenant safety, especially against CONSTRUCTION AS HARASSMENT! Construction as harassment is when your landlord makes excessive noise, disorder, or hazardous living conditions through construction TO FORCE YOU OUT OF YOUR RENT-REGULATED APARTMENT. 
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